8 Easy ways to turn unwanted gift cards into cash

8 Easy ways to turn unwanted gift cards into cash

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Gift cards are the most common type of presents that we usually give or receive on almost every occasion. But the problem is, we rarely use those gift cards. Most of the time, we receive a gift card to a place we don’t visit. Sometimes, we just forget about the gift card while going shopping.

Soon, all the gift cards turn into the garbage and we throw the cards into the garbage. But do you know that you can turn the gift cards into cash or something as good as cash?

Read this article to learn some easy ways to turn unwanted gift cards into cash:

1. Return the card to the issuing retailer

If you don’t want to keep the gift card that you have received from your friends or relatives, then you can return the card to the issuing retailer. In return, you can get some cash from the issuer. In most cases, the consumer gets a discounted or lesser value of the card from the issuer.

You can also get in-store credit from the issuer to buy some items from their physical outlets.

2. Sell the gift cards

You can get cash out of your cards by selling them to some retailers. However, you won’t be able to get the full price of the gift card.

However, there are some retailers that give the highest resale value of the gift cards. You just need to research online to compare the resale price of gift cards before selling them for cash.

Every gift card has a different type of exchange or resale policy. So, you need to read the terms and conditions mentioned on the card clearly before selling or exchanging the card for cash.

3. Trade your gift cards

Some retailers organize gift card exchange program for the consumers who want to trade in their gift cards. For example, Target often arranges gift card exchange programs for their customers who prefer a Target gift card over other gift cards. People simply participate in the program to exchange their gift cards to get the Target gift card.

The best part is that you can exchange the card even after using a part of the gift card balance.

4. Keep the card for gifting purposes

You can also store unwanted cards for regifting purposes. However, check the expiry date before giving the cards to the others.

5. Purchase a gift with your gift card

You can also use your unwanted gift card to buy a gift that you like. There are some stores that accept gift cards in return to sell their products.

6. Take advantage of social media to sell your gift cards

Some groups on social media sell or buy gift cards. You can approach these groups to sell or exchange gift cards that you don’t want to keep. You can send emails to your friend circle on your social media platform inviting them to exchange or sell gift cards. There are also some online forums that also trade gift cards.

7. Donate your cards

You can donate gift cards to charities that accept gift cards regardless of their type. Visit your local charity center to find out whether or not they accept gift cards.

8. Turn your gift cards into something useful

Nowadays, you can turn visa gift cards into Amazon gift cards to buy something useful from their website. In return, they are giving the balance in the user’s Amazon account.

Lastly, don’t store the gift cards in the drawer with the hope that you may use them one day. Most of the time, people forget about the cards they have in their closet. So, once you receive gift cards, visit their website to learn more about the balance and the method to redeem the balance. If you think that the card is not useful for you, simply resale it or re-gift it to turn the gift card into cash. Try to make the most of the gift cards instead of wasting them.