How to save on luxury car rentals through travel credit cards

How to save on luxury car rentals through travel credit cards

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Your vacation can be upgraded to a fun-filled journey by upgrading your car rental to a luxury car.

Popular rewards credit cards and airline rewards programs may give you options to use points to pay for car rentals for travel. Many car rental companies also offer their car rental rewards programs for consumers.

To get the most out of your travel credit card rewards program, it is important to know which points you may redeem as per your specific situation. It is also important that you consider the cost of insurance coverage.

Redeeming points on a car rental is more difficult than redeeming it at hotel costs or travel expenses. The major reason for this is that most rental car payments occur upon return of the car and are not prepaid. This is the sole reason that American Express does not provide the option to redeem reward points for car rentals.

Now we will discuss different aspects of using travel credit card reward points for car rentals.

Earn miles and points for car rentals

Isn’t it great if you can drive a luxury car, pay the rental through a travel credit card, and earn miles and points? By choosing the right travel credit card, you have the option to grab extra points to boost your affordability for getting a good hotel, airline, or flexible travel loyalty program.

Here are two options available:

  1. The Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card – Gives you 7 points per dollar on car rentals booked, on selected car rental companies,
  2. CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Mastercard® – you may earn 2 miles per dollar on all car rental agencies.

You may choose your car rental company from referrals to your preferred airline’s websites, such as Southwest, Delta, and United Airlines.

Save on high-end car rentals

It is quite challenging to save on high-end car rentals than driving an ordinary vehicle. But before doing that, you need to follow a few tips. Let’s get it through a simple example: Suppose you want to rent an Audi Silvercar which offers 20% off on your first rental after using a promo code available on the company’s website.

But, if you use a Visa Infinite card, which is registered with Silvercar by Audi, it can get you up to a 30% discount on car rentals. Additionally, you may use a few travel cards such as Chase Sapphire Reserve or the Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card. These cards may offer you credit to meet travel expenses.

You need to research a bit and then use your travel cards for booking luxury car rentals. This way you can save on luxury car rentals as well as drive your dream car.

Choose the right insurance for car rentals

While you are driving a high-end car, you’ll want to be insured in case of an accident. Many travel credit cards provide secondary car rental insurance. It means if you can’t insure your car, you may opt for car rental insurance and save on luxury car rentals. If anything goes wrong with your rental car, then it must be reported to your car insurance company, which can potentially raise your rates.

For example – Chase Sapphire Reserve is a unique travel card that may offer you primary car rental insurance, which pays your dues without involving your primary personal car insurance company.

Now let’s have a look at the available cards that may give you the best car rental rewards programs and other coverage.

Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Sapphire Preferred

In Chase Sapphire, Preferred cardholders may earn 1.25 cents per point towards travel rewards. Chase offers competitive rental car rates to its consumers. Additionally, it offers greater rewards for flights or hotels.

Chase Sapphire Reserve provides primary rental insurance. Primary insurance coverage can help you avoid most of the out of pocket cost for car rentals.

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

This card will provide you with double miles for every purchase. It offers a rate of 1 cent = 1 mile each. The card also gives you a sign-up bonus of 50,000 miles when you spend $3,000 in purchases within the first three months.

Citi Double Cash Card

You’ll get double cash rewards if you earn $25 in rewards without paying an annual fee. You can earn 1% back after making a purchase and again another 1% back after paying off the balance.

Rental Car Loyalty Programs

You may join this rewards program and earn points. You have the option to combine loyalty points with rewards points from another source. This option might be the best choice for cardholders who travel for business including international business travelers.

Hertz Gold Plus

The Hertz Gold Plus program is one of the most popular car rental reward programs available. This program offers 1 point per dollar on rental and service charges, fuel, and other expenses. These rental car programs are beneficial for consumers who are looking for longer rentals. Hertz rental can program can give you the option to redeem points internationally.

Avis Preferred

Avis Preferred rental program offers one point for every $1 on rentals and two points for buying car accessories. Once you, being a member, reach the number of 12 rentals or pay $5,000, you will be upgraded to Plus status and able to get points at higher multipliers.

National Emerald Club

If you want to save on luxury car rentals, the National Emerald Club is another option for you. It provides credit toward free rentals. Emerald Club members can earn one point per rental. A free rental is available to regular members (7 credits), executive members (6 credits), and elite members (5 credits).

Enterprise Plus

The Enterprise Plus program creates the option for members to earn one point for each $1 spent. Members can get free rentals as soon as they reach 450 points or more. The best thing about this luxury car rental program is there are no blackout dates. The program has three status levels for members: Silver, Gold, or Platinum. Each category has its benefits and amazing reward options.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest airlines don’t have the option to redeem points to get a cheap luxury car rental. But they provide vouchers to get a decent rate at prime car rental companies such as National, Alamo, Budget, Hertz, and Avis – for just 1 cent per point…