Credit card settlement calculator – What are my total savings?

Our online credit card settlement calculator gives you an idea of your total savings when you settle credit cards. The calculator can be used to estimate the time it will take to complete the settlement process.

All programs vary, but we hope that our credit card debt calculator encourages you to pay off credit cards through a settlement company and get rid of unpaid bills quickly.

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FAQ on credit card settlement calculator

1. How can I add my credit card details to the calculator?
Ans. It’s very easy. Click on “Add credit card debts.’ A drop-down box will open where you can add the amount you owe on each card. Once done, press ‘OK.’

2. Do I have to pay a fee for using this calculator?
Ans. Our credit card repayment calculator is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay any fee for using this calculator.

3. When should I use this credit card payment calculator?
Ans. It’s best to use this calculator when you’re exploring various debt relief options and want to know how much you can save by settling credit cards. Usually, credit card settlement companies claim that you can save 40% to 60% of your total owed amount. But is this applicable in your situation also? Our calculator can help you to find that.

Do you want to keep your debts under control by paying less than what you owe? If so, then get an estimate of your savings through our credit card settlement calculator and enroll in the debt negotiation program.

Disclaimer: Our credit card calculator will give different results in different situations. It’s a self-help tool and the applicability of the calculator can’t be guaranteed all the time.