What is a credit card consolidation loan and how it helps you?

If you are facing financial problems due to multiple credit card debts, then you should find out a proper debt payoff method to change the situation for the better. If you are able to pay the minimum amount on all credit cards but having difficulty in managing multiple bills, then you can consolidate credit card debts along with other financial bills. There are some effective ways to consolidate credit card debts on your own.

You need to take out a consolidation loan to repay your existing debts. You can also take out a personal loan to consolidate your debts and monthly bills. If you don’t want to consolidate credit card debts on your own, you can enroll in a consolidation program as well.

What is a credit card consolidation loan?

A credit consolidation loan is a loan that is taken out to repay all your credit card bills, After that, you have to pay that single debt. By doing so, you can get rid of all your debts and repay the credit consolidation loan as well. Another advantage is, the interest rate charged on a consolidation loan is lower than the interest charged by your creditors. Thus, if you opt for a consolidation loan, you can save on the total interest that you are paying.

What is the interest rate on a consolidation loan?

One of the most important factors that you need to consider is the interest rate on the new loan. The more is the interest, the higher you need to pay for the loan. In case you have a bad credit history, you may not be eligible to get a consolidation loan with a lower interest rate and favorable terms.

What do you mean by a repayment period?

Once you take out a credit consolidation loan, your monthly payments can be reduced by extending the repayment period. This makes paying off the loan easier as you are paying a very small amount each month. However, it is advisable that after a few months when your financial position permits, you should try to pay off the debt as soon as possible. Remember, stretching it for a longer time would mean that you are paying more.

Pros of credit card consolidation loan

If you have a good credit score, you can consider taking out a credit card consolidation loan to repay debts. This is just a one-time loan that requires you to roll away your unsecured debts into one payment.

1. Allows single monthly payments

This is the most important benefit of paying off your unsecured debts. When you take out this loan, you get an opportunity to wrap your debts into this loan and pay off altogether. You just make single monthly payments to pay off your debts. You don’t have to make multiple payments with a single interest rate. This saves a slot of time, effort, and money.

2. Improves your credit report

If you get the help of a credit card consolidation loan, your credit report gets improved . But for this, you have to be regular on your debt payments. Credit card consolidation is recommended if you want to keep your credit score up as well as get out of debts fast. This takes away the worries about your credit reports. Since your credit score gets improved, you can also take out a refinance mortgage or a home improvement loan to make improvements to your home.

3. Gives you more time for payments

This is also an important part of your credit card consolidation loan. Since the time period is longer, you can easily pay off your loan. There is no need to be in a hurry to pay off your loan. You can also create a budget that can help you save money as well as pay off your debts fast. If you can pay off your debts, you can earn extra money to pay back the loan with that money.

4. Lowers your interest rate

Credit card consolidation lowers the interest rate on your consolidated debt. You can either transfer the balance from all the cards with high interest rates to a new card providing 0% balance transfer offer or to an existing credit card with low interest rate. You can also take out a credit card consolidation loan – secured or unsecured.

Secured consolidation loans have lower interest rates in comparison to the unsecured loans.You can even get the help from a credit card consolidation company to consolidate your credit cards.

5. Lowers your payment amount

As the interest rate is reduced, it helps to lower the payment amount too. So, it becomes easier for you to make the payments.

6. Reduces the number of payments to be made

In case of credit card consolidation, as the number of credit cards that you have gets consolidated to one debt, you are required to make only one payment each month irrespective of the way in which you are consolidating your credit cards.

Cons of credit card consolidation loans

You can consolidate debts and other bills with a consolidation loan, but there are some cons you have to understand before taking out a loan. Here are some of them.

1. You can end up paying more

If you take long to pay off the debt, like if you make only minimum payments each month after consolidating your debts, you will end up paying more on the interest. Moreover, the loan origination fees, closing costs, and annual fees can eat up your savings.

2. You may lose your assets

Unless you have a good credit score, you may not qualify for a low interest consolidation loan. In that case, your only available option is a secured consolidation loan. If you have taken out a secured consolidation loan, then you may end up losing your assets in the event of loan default. So, you need to be careful about making on-time payments.


Credit card debt is really harassment if you haven’t paid it off completely. If you have even one credit card, you should pay the balances every month so that it doesn’t become a credit card debt at the end. You must not try to accumulate your debt. If you think, you are drowning with unsecured debts, you can consider the ways to consolidate them. Remember,ignoring the debts can create more trouble. So, address your debt trouble and consolidate to live a debt free life.